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Time doesn’t stop for anyone. Slowly it passes by, leaving its signs sooner or later. It isn’t till your 40s when you realize you are getting old and your looks are a constant reminder of that. The wrinkles and fine lines that appear on your face keep on getting deeper. Collagen production, responsible to give you a youthful appearance; slows down and the skin becomes sag too. The lines appear all over your face. The lines between the eyes appear sooner and keep on getting deeper.

You are fortunate enough to be born in an enlightened and developed era where there are numerous solutions to get rid of those lines between the brows. So let us see what these lines are, how they appear, and what ways are there to eliminate them.

What are frown lines?

Medically known as glabellar lines; frown lines are vertical lines between the eyebrows and nose. The muscles between the upper nose and lower forehead are used in different facial expressions. During our youth, these lines disappear when we stop frowning as they are superficial but with time as we age and collagen production falls gradually, these lines get deeper and more prominent.

What causes these frown lines and creases?

There are different reasons behind the formation of frown lines. The commonly include:

·       Facial Expressions

Facial expressions are as natural and involuntary action as blinking. If you are happy you smile, when you cry your eyes are usually shut tight, similarly when you are angry or cross, you frown. You may also frown when you yawn or squint. These expressions are part of our life. People who tend to use these muscles more frequently see these lines sooner on their faces.

·       Aging

When you grow old, collagen and elastin begin to decrease in your body. Both these perform the function to keep the skin tight, and firm and stopping the wrinkles from appearing. So naturally, more age means that lines will appear, firstly in parts whose muscles are used more frequently.

Ways to eliminate the Frown Lines between the brows

A variety of treatment options are performed by doctors to eliminate frown lines. Some of them are surgical, others non-surgical, and some may only involve the use of creams and lotions. One by one, let’s explore these treatments and see what can benefit you.

·       BOTOX

This is the most widely performed non-surgical cosmetic procedure worldwide. Very popular and effective. Though the results last only for a year maximum it is a very good option to get rid of frown lines. This is an injectable in which a toxin is injected in between the brows, which causes the muscles to relax and limit their movement.

The procedure has no recovery time with mild bruising at the injection site. The results take a couple of weeks to fully settle.

·       Dermal Fillers

These too are injectable. Dysport and Juvederm are commonly used fillers. They help to reduce the wrinkles and fill up the lines on your face including the frown lines. The procedure is similar to a Botox and depending on the type of filler the results may also be seen immediately.

·       Chemical Peels

This procedure involves the application of exfoliating crystals on your face that remove the outermost layer of your skin. The new skin has a better tone, texture, and less visible wrinkles. Based on the skin condition and need the depth of the peel is decided by the doctor.

·       Microneedling

A roller with microscopic needles is applied to the area between the brows which makes extremely tiny punctures in the skin. These micro-holes help with the production of collagen which in turn reduce the appearance of frown line. The procedure takes 15-20 minutes and can be repeated 2-3 times a week. Since this is a more natural way therefore it takes 3-6 months for results to fully appear.

·       Laser Skin Resurfacing

A surgical laser is used in this procedure that removes the layer of skin. it visibly reduces frown lines and creases.

·       Facelift and Brow lift

This is a surgical option. This cosmetic surgery tightens the skin on your face and neck. The facelift is an expensive procedure but the results are permanent and effective. People usually avoid surgery as it is a painful process and requires a lot of time to recover fully.

During the brow lift procedure, the upper part of the face is tightened with help of surgery. The result is that the lines on the forehead and between brows smooth out. The skin is tightened by removing the muscles that cause the continuous furrowing look.


We have told you what are frown lines and what causes them. The first thing you can do is to prevent your frown lines from appearing by using some natural ways. When they do appear, there are different surgical and non-surgical options available. After a careful examination, your doctor will decide which is a more suitable choice. Always listen to your doctor, as you may consider one option suitable but in fact, it might not be right for you.

Frown lines are not a problem that cannot be eliminated. You just need to choose your doctor wisely and leave the rest to him.

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