PRF Injections

Platelet Rich Fibrin PRF at Rejuven8 Medical in Sugar Land, TX

PRF Injections

PRF Injections, short for platelet-rich fibrin injections, are innovative cosmetic procedures that have achieved popularity for their exceptional rejuvenating and hair-restoration properties. This non-surgical treatment uses your body’s natural healing abilities to restore your skin and promote hair growth. PRF Injections can be effectively used for facial rejuvenation and hair restoration, making it a versatile solution for individuals seeking a refreshed appearance. A small amount of blood is taken and processed to extract platelets and growth factors from your blood. The resulting PRF solution is injected into specific areas, stimulating collagen production, enhancing skin texture, and reducing wrinkles. For hair restoration, PRF Injections encourage the growth of dormant hair follicles, leading to thicker and fuller hair. This procedure is appropriate for a wide range of individuals, from those looking to reduce the signs of aging to those seeking hair regrowth. Results can typically be seen within a few weeks, and they can last for several months.

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Benefits of PRF Injections:


PRF Injections are suitable for individuals looking to improve their facial appearance or stimulate hair growth.

Results can usually be seen within a few weeks, with continued improvement over time.

Results can last several months, and maintenance treatments can extend the effects.

There is minimal downtime, and common side effects include mild swelling or bruising, which usually subside quickly.

Before the procedure, avoid blood-thinning medications; after the treatment, follow post-care instructions provided by your practitioner.

The procedure involves drawing blood, processing it, and injecting the PRF solution into the targeted areas, which may cause minimal discomfort. Your practitioner will take care of your comfort throughout the treatment.

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