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Our bodies can be tricky. They are a piece of work. Keeping them in shape is the real struggle. For some lucky ones diet and exercise do the trick. For others, it takes a lot more. If you are struggling with stubborn persistent fat pockets, despite following a healthy diet and exercise regime, then Cool Sculpting is the end to your struggles.

Before the bikini season arrives, prepare yourself to show off those gorgeous curves. At Rejuven8 Medical all your body contouring needs are taken care of. Now you don’t need to travel to Houston to get cool sculpting from an experienced professional when you have one in your town.

So let’s see what Cool sculpting is, how is it done and most importantly what areas of your body can be treated.

What is Cool Sculpting?

As the name indicates, the procedure uses cold temperatures to sculpt the body. It is a fat-freezing method to get rid of stubborn body fat. cool sculpting is also known as cryolipolysis. The procedure is FDA-approved. The idea of this came from what happens after frostbite. The high temperatures freeze the fat cells destroying them while keeping your skin and other muscles unharmed.

What happens during the procedure?

It is a non-surgical procedure; no needles are used or incisions are made. The device used in the procedure has two paddles that hold the area under treatment. The paddles then begin cooling and are left on the body for about 35 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes depending on the body area. Nearly 20-25% of the body fat is destroyed during the procedure.

The final results of cool sculpting are visible in a few months but you may seem to notice changes after a few weeks of the procedure. As for the dead fat cells, they are gradually passed out of your body.

Which areas can be treated with Cool sculpting?

So, the real and most important question is which areas can be treated with Cool sculpting and how effective are the results. We know there is a list of different body parts but let’s discuss the effectiveness of the results.

·       Cool Sculpting for double chin

For contouring the double chin, this procedure has proven to be very effective. The fat around the chin area is removed getting rid of the double chin. 20-25% of the excess fat is removed leaving a more defined and sleek jawline.

A double chin is the result of a weak chin and a small jaw. Excess tissue accumulates under the jaw, giving out an older and overweight look. To treat the chin area, a cool mini applicator is used to destroy the fat, which gradually reduces the appearance of the double chin.

·       Cool Sculpting for belly fat

The most stubborn fat of all. A headache to get rid of it. For cool sculpting, the belly is considered to be the best area. As you age or even after pregnancy it can be difficult to get back in shape. Cool sculpting eliminates the unwanted fat pockets giving out those gorgeous curves you would love to show off. The procedure helps you lose a couple of inches around the waist.

Depending on the amount of fat, a follow-up procedure might be required to achieve the desired results.

·       Cool Sculpting for arms

A lot of people seem to accumulate fat in the upper arm area. No amount of diet and exercise can make them go away. Cool Sculpting freezes the fat cells which eventually die and leave your body.

A gel pad is applied to your arms to protect the skin. The applicator is then applied to your arm one at a time. And then the device is moved on your skin to work its wonder.

·       Cool Sculpting for hips and thighs

Bulky thighs can make you conscious about your body. But with cool sculpting, there is nothing to be conscious of. The doctor uses a handheld device to treat the thigh area.

Depending on the patient, the cool sculpting can treat the hips and love handles at the same time and can be used to cover a large belly area too.

·       Cool sculpting for back fat

You might be surprised but Cool Sculpting can also be used to treat back fat; both the lower and upper part. Before beginning the treatment, the fat loss goals are discussed with an experienced and certified practitioner. Cool sculpting on the back might require multiple treatments as the surface area is larger.


Cool sculpting is a safe and FDA-approved procedure that helps you contour your body and gets rid of the unwanted fat accumulated in different areas of the body. It is a simple and easy procedure with long-lasting and effective results. the most important thing when your plan to get cool sculpting is the choice of the practitioner.

If you live in Sugar Land we would suggest Rejuven8 Medical.

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