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Who doesn’t love a healthy body? Everyone strives to remain fit to keep the motor running. To remain strong and healthy, the human body requires multiple vitamins and minerals. These can be easily consumed through a balanced diet. But sometimes, your body doesn’t get enough of these nutrients due to which it becomes deficient and this can lead to various illnesses.

Vitamin B12 is one important nutrient required by our body to function properly. Its deficiency can cause multiple health issues like weakness, tiredness, shortness of breath, pale skin, smooth tongue, loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, loss of vision muscle weakness, and the list goes on. In such a case, you must contact a doctor. B12 injections are most commonly prescribed.

Read on and you will find all you need to know about these injections and also what other purposes can they be used.

What are B12 injections?

B12 shots or injections are supplements containing the synthetic version of Vitamin B12 also known as cyanocobalamin. These shots help you overcome the deficiency of this vitamin in the body.

During the procedure…

Your doctor is going to inject the dose into your muscle or deep into the skin. Depending on the level of deficiency, it is advisable to get injected every week to gain maximum benefit from the shots.

What is the purpose of B12 injections?

There are various purposes and uses of B12 injections which can benefit your body. They do provide your body with the essential amount of vitamin B12 but to your surprise, they do way more than that. Let’s take a look at them.

1.     To prevent anemia by increasing the red blood cells

You must be well aware of the importance of red blood cells. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that helps in the creation of red blood cells. A lower RBC count can lead to serious illnesses like anemia. You will most likely feel fatigued, you may also feel dizzy. The B12 injection will maintain an adequate level of vitamin B12 and keep you energetic.  

Another plus point of these shots is that they also ensure the proper development of RBCs. When the body is in shortage of vitamin B12, the blood cells become deformed and do not move properly from your bone marrow to the bloodstream. Vitamin B12 injection helps your body to maintain the required levels and avoid deficiency.

2.     To improve metabolism

Your body’s metabolism function is also dependent on Vitamin B12. If your metabolism rate is slower then the body functions also get slower. This results in a gain in weight and fatigue. When the body has a sufficient amount of B12 then it will be able to burn calories rapidly. And this could help you with weight loss and also being more energetic. This is why when you are deficient in vitamin B12, the early sign includes fatigue and lack of energy. Therefore, B12 injections help you to keep your metabolism in order so that you stay energetic.

3.     To help against anxiety and depression

Vitamin B12 plays an essential role in the proper functioning of the brain. When the human body doesn’t have its required amount it can lead to mental issues such as anxiety and depression. In these circumstances, the B12 injections are a life savior. These shots can also leave a positive impact on mood-regulating neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

4.     To strengthen the immune system

This multifunctional vitamin also helps to keep the pathogens afar and keeps your immune system healthy. In case of deficiency, your immune system might become faulty. And a faulty immune system could make way for a lot more diseases. If you are deficient, then B12 injections will help with the production of white blood cells which keep your immune system boosted.

5.     To help with the growth of the baby during pregnancy

Vitamin B12 has been proven extremely helpful during pregnancy. It helps with the growth and development of the fetus. When pregnant, women often develop different deficiencies. The deficiency of vitamin B12 could lead to the risk of birth defects and miscarriage. 

For healthy growth of the baby, a B12 deficient mother should regularly get B12 injections.

6.     To prevent osteoporosis    

The absence of vitamin B12 in me and women can lead to lower bone density. If the deficiency is not overcome, it could lead to osteoporosis. Women are more likely to develop this condition. In the case of a bone injury, the healing process also slows. If your family has a history of osteoporosis, it is advisable to get a B12 injection after consultation with a doctor.


Now you know the importance of vitamin B12 for our body. We are lucky that there are B12 injections that help us to overcome the deficiency. These injections are multipurpose. They help you overcome anemia, improve your metabolism, fight against anxiety and depression, strengthen the immune system, and even help with the normal growth of the fetus.

Note that don’t get injected on your own. Always consult an experienced doctor and follow his instructions.

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