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What are some best body contouring methods mostly preferred in Sugar Land?

A large number of the American population struggles with shaping their body. The bulges, lumps, wrinkles, cellulitis, and excess skin are too hard to get rid of. Who doesn’t want to show off a perfectly contoured summer body? Body contouring procedures are life saviors when it comes to reshaping the body.

Medical advancements have brought revolutionary changes when it comes to body contouring. Various surgical and non-surgical options are now available in your very own Sugar Land. Before we begin exploring these body contouring methods, let’s take a brief overview of body contouring and how it works.

What is Body contouring?

Body contouring refers to procedures that are done to remove persistent fat to give the body a contoured look. The results of these procedures are remarkable and stay for as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Body contouring can be done to treat the fat from different areas of the body including:

  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Legs
  • Face
  • Arms
  • Flanks
  • Stomach

Best Body Contouring Methods in Sugar Land

No need to travel to Houston or elsewhere to get your body contoured. There are some amazing aesthetic clinics in Sugar Land that are all about professionalism and making sure that you get the desirable outcomes. Rejuven8medical is an aesthetic clinic located in Sugar Land that provides top-notch services and results for body contouring and other procedures as well.

Below is a list of the best body contouring methods you can find in Sugar Land.

·       SculpSure

This is a fairly newer non-invasive body contouring procedure. This treats your flanks and abdomen area. SculpSure makes use of controlled light-based technology to destroy fat cells. The focused light is sent to the deep tissue layers. This light is absorbed by the fatty tissue without harming the internal organs, muscles, and skin.

A single session takes about 25 minutes, over the course of 12 weeks. At the end of the procedure, about 24 percent of the extra fat is eliminated. The procedure requires no anesthetic, scar, incision, or use of needles. It can also be used to remove fat from the belly area, upper arms, thighs, and inner knees.

·       CoolSculpting

Fairly popular among the residents of Sugar Land, this method destroys the excess fat cells by freezing them. The stubborn fat is permanently frozen leaving with you a perfectly contoured body. One treatment reduces 25 percent of the unwanted fat. 

The frozen fat is removed from the body gradually. This too is a non-surgical and non-invasive body contouring method.

·       BTL Exilis Ultra

This procedure is also performed in Sugar Land. It uses a radio frequency device that is focused on varying depths of heat. It not only causes the fat to shrink but also boosts the production of collagen. It gives wonderful results for skin tightening, fat reduction, and shaping the body. The procedure is used to treat fat in the face, abdomen, legs, and arms area.

4-6 sessions are required with a gap of 1-2 weeks. You can see the results in about 3-6 months.

·       BTL Vanquish Me

This is another body contouring procedure that removes the persistent fat from your flanks and abdomen. It targets the treatment area with a high-frequency electric field. This method requires 4 to 6 sessions with a gap of 7-10 days.

The results of the treatment can be seen after a few weeks, but it must be kept in mind that to achieve the desired results it is important to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

·       Lipo 360

If you have decided on surgical body contouring, Liposuction is the way to go. Lipo 360 involves fat removal from the thighs, abdomen, hips, and buttocks commonly. It can also be used on the waist, abdomen flanks, mid back, and lower back.

During the procedure, the patient is put under anesthesia and a small incision is made on the target area. The excess fat is then gently extracted using a cannula. Once the fat has been removed, the cut is sutured or closed with surgical glue or tape.

The results of liposuction can be seen from 1-3 months. As the swelling subsides the results become more apparent.


Body contouring procedures can be carried out to remove that fat enemy from almost anywhere in your body. You have both surgical and non-surgical options which are available in your own Sugar Land. Choosing the right aesthetician is vital in achieving desirable results. Rejuven8Medical is an aesthetic clinic located in Sugar Land that offers some remarkable results for your body contouring needs.

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